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BDSM: Pleasing Your Mistress as a Sissy Maid

Top tips for any sissy slut or sissy maid:
  1. The French sissy maid attire must be always clean, ironed and complimented with perfect matching feminine garments, such as satin frilly knickers, garter belts, bras, breast forms and fully fashioned seamed stockings.

  2. Legs must be always shaved, to look feminine and smooth when wearing vintage stockings with extreme high heels.

  3. Wigs must be brushed, sprayed with perfume and match you complexion.

  4. Make up can be kept simple, but fake lashes and lipstick help to highlight your sissy beauty.

  5. Some Mistresses may require that your unsightly bits and bobs be tucked away. My sissy girls are advised to wear a high quality cage. I am the keyholder to a number of sexy sissy girls, which is an option for those interested in the benefits of chastity.


…read on…

I was summoned for 8pm; to enter the house and proceed directly to the guest room, keeping my eyes cast downwards as I passed through. There, I was to lie naked, face down and await the arrival of Lady Harrington, my Mistress and owner.

After a few moments of alternating thoughts between anticipation and trepidation, I started to hear the sublime tapping of Mistresses heels on the tiled floor approaching...there surely can’t be many better sounds in life.

She entered the room and I smelt her sweet perfume quickly; my senses heightened by my situation. She spoke softly....”Have the others told you where you are and which school this is?” I was momentarily confused by this so She smacked me for my hesitation. “You’re at sissy school and you can choose which one....feminisation school or school for sluts” I requested school for sluts and She seemed pleased with my choice. “What would you like to be called during your training, slut?” I responded “Belinda please, Mistress”

She ordered me to stand in front of Her and look at Her. I drew in a sharp breath of amazement when my eyes fell upon Her....She was incredible, beautiful, sensual and so, so incredibly sexy. She had on a black rubber dress which clung to Her curvaceous form perfectly, the zip at the front pulled down exposing Her ample and deliciously soft cleavage. Red fishnet hold-ups and shiny red 5 inch heels completed Her outfit. Nestling between her breasts, I recognised Her key to the chastity tube She keeps me securely locked in....I could only hope that I may please Her enough this evening to be allowed free from it’s constricting and tight grasp of my penis, that maybe She might touch it or even, dare I think it, slide Her hot, wet pussy down its shaft.

Her hair and make-up were just perfect...dark, auburn locks tumbling over Her shoulders, dark sultry eyes and full lips with an equally darkish hue of lipstick perfectly applied.balanced and comfortable, She pushed the hard spout of the funnel into my mouth. Resisting was futile. What choices did I have? It was surely best to just submit and take my punishment, as difficult as I knew it was about to be. I didn’t have any more time for thoughts anyway....She had removed Her panties before getting on top of me and She hovered Her supreme pussy over the funnel’s mouth and let loose a full torrent of Her golden juice. Very quickly Her piss filled my mouth entirely. She was staring so intently at me as She pissed and She clearly saw my eyes widen with what was happening. “Drink it! Drink it all. Do not spill any or make a mess, slut.” I closed my eyes and swallowed. As soon as I had, more filled my didn’t stop, Her piss just kept flowing in a strong and steady stream. I let go completely....totally trussed and held in place on the bed, what seemed like litres and litres of hot piss filling up the funnel....I just swallowed and swallowed it all. Her piss was warm but not unpleasant thankfully; I know it could have been a lot stronger. She must have been kind to me and kept herself hydrated during the day.

When She was empty, She removed the funnel from between us. I stared up at Her perfect divine pussy, now wet and dripping just a few inches above my face. Totally hairless, Her beautiful labia prominent, the small silver stud through Her clitoris glinting in the low light. How I absolutely adore Her sex; how I need it!

Feeling a tingling in your little clitty?

Book a session with Mistress Lady Harrington - Sissy Trainer, Dominatrix and Goddess,

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