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Slave Session Taster

By Slave G.

Mistress orders me to stand in front of her and look into her eyes. That is easy because they are captivating. She adjusts the tightness of my collar to her satisfaction and I stand inches from her thinking how beautiful she. Now she puts a mask on my head and orders me not to move. So stern was the command that I stand there in front of the mirror, not twitching a muscle but staring at my abject penis begging it to get hard.

She returns and orders me to bend over the bed. She gives me about ten good slaps on my left buttock and a little bite then repeats that on my right one. She follows this with a further series of slaps with a paddle on each buttock. I am ordered to kneel on all fours by the bed and I get a stinging smack  on each buttock from probably a crop. I am then chained to the bed by my leash. I am thinking please continue cropping me when I become aware she is talking to a man....I then feel his legs on my back as he lies on the bed. She tells how poorly I performed at the beginning but that I am improving.

I presume they start fondling, as I can hear moans of pleasure from them. She moves to sit beside me and puts her legs alongside my back and asks him to masturbate. She tells him the slave cannot wank (me!) because the hands are in mitts. She moves back to the bed and they start love-making in earnest.

She tells him how hard he is and I get the temptation to turn and watch, but I dare not! After what seemed an age, as I would love to watch her, Ithink they both orgasm. The man is ordered to go and make dinner. Mistress rubs some juices on my face and releases me. I am ordered to lie to the wet patch on the bed. I am in heaven! Mmmm, Mistress.

Thank you.

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